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You might notice that this page has not been updated since 2018. I said „Hey, I am going to take a break to work on the Azores for a few months“ and then I just disappeared and never came back.

So, where am I? And who am I?

Well, I am still alive, probably more alive than I have ever been, but I am no longer a blogger (as you can see by this broken page). I also stopped my podcast, my YouTube and my travel blog stuff that I was doing back in the day. Tasmetu and everything from that time does no longer exist. The Azores ripped my heart open and I became a completely different person. I still love to read, but my life is now deeply rooted in reality, in healing, in community, in nature, in creating art.

Today, I am
an environmentalist
a gardener
a forever-student
freelance creative
a poet
an author

And yes, I am still on the Azores.

This is where you find me

Many things happened and it is impossible for me to summarize it all in a brief post.

If you want to know why I left Germany, check out this video series of mine that I linked down below. I restarted YouTube in the beginning of 2021 after losing my job. The channel is now in English, but I am still talking about books sometimes! In general, you will find glimpses of my current life there as well as on my new Instagram.

If you want to learn more about the books that I have published, about my freelance work or the writing courses that I give, check out my website. I have also founded the Azorean Stories project, if you want to learn more about these islands that I now call my home.

The wilderness called me and I listened and every single day, I am grateful for this choice.
Listen to your heart people.
It might needs you to be courageous and face your fears and wounds, but it is so worth it.

So, this is it. Goodbye, Tasmetu, thank you for the ride, those were some wonderful years. But now, my real life has begun. Thanks to all of you, who have read my words in the past and those that follow me into the new chapters of my life.

Lots of Love

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